Our aluminum products

Aluminum is a material with interesting properties: very lightweight and sturdy, it resists corrosion, and has a small environmental footprint.

Boyer et fils offers aluminum products such as top-quality railings and outdoor stairways: sturdy, highly customizable and extremely easy to maintain because of the material’s anti-corrosion properties, all our products are offered in a wide selection of styles and colours.

The products provided by Boyer et fils are a safe and durable investment whose installation is quick and easy. Made to measure and pre-assembled in our workshop, our aluminum railings and stairs really have everything to please! Discover our wide array of models to find the style that is best suited to your home: our products have a 20-year warranty and respect the standards of the National Building Code of Canada.

Aluminum railing installation

Boyer et Fils offers you a full range of aluminum products, including premium-quality outdoor stairs and railing. Solidly constructed, highly customizable and extremely easy to maintain thanks to their rustproof properties, all of our products are available in a vast selection of styles and colors.

Boyer and Fils specializes in aluminum railing installation on all types of dwellings, so you’re sure to find railing that fits in perfectly with the style of your home. Whether you’re a fan of modern, contemporary, streamlined, classic or some other type of design, aluminum railing offers nearly infinite possibilities.

Thanks to our quick, efficient aluminum railing installation service, our teams of specialists will help you save money. Our products arrive precut, saving you the time it would take to measure them and cut them to size. Furthermore, aluminum railing requires almost no adjustment during the installation process.

Our superior-quality aluminum railing installations are exceptionally durable. They can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain and ultraviolet radiation. What’s more, our aluminum railing won’t rust, rot or become infested by insects.

Aluminum deck installation

Boyer et Fils also offers you aluminum deck installation services. Just like our railing, our high-quality aluminum decks are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, they’re manufactured in Quebec, and like our aluminum railing, they comply fully with Canada’s National Building Code.

We install aluminum decks in a variety of contours and finishes, as well as two different colors: beige and grey. Our aluminum products include long-lasting deck board with a highly resistant, non-slip textured finish. Our rugged aluminum decks, which feature a self-draining system, can also withstand extreme heat and flames.

For our team of professionals, installing an aluminum deck is a quick and simple procedure.